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Top Reasons Why You Need an Attorney at IEP Meetings

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

When do you, as a parent, require the services of an attorney at an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting for your child?

Is your child having a difficult time at their present school?

What services does your child require to progress from year to year but aren't being provided by the institution?

How many requests from you has the IEP team denied or disregarded?

You may need an attorney if all your efforts have failed and the IEP team refuses to compromise on your child’s requirements and needs.

Attorneys can see things that you may not be able to see

Special education attorneys have in-depth knowledge about parents' rights, student legislation, school standards, and what institutions should be doing but aren't.

When your child’s IEP plan does not include all of the necessary components, it may go unnoticed by you.

If you are unaware of something, an attorney can fill in the gaps by pointing out legal inconsistencies.

By doing this, the IEP team may be able to provide the child with additional support that will have a long-term impact on their ability to succeed in school.

Attorneys may serve as an extra set of eyes for parents who would otherwise be unable to see the big picture.

Understanding IEPs can be very challenging

Even though IEP team meetings are hard and confusing, you can't say enough about their importance. If a student's IEP is poorly drafted, it can significantly impact their life.

If the IEP is incoherent, weak, or does not adequately address all aspects of the student's needs, it can hinder your child’s progress.

A failure to meet the goals outlined in their IEPs could jeopardize their chances of long-term success.

The team will take your opinions seriously and listen to you

Parents are familiar with their kids, yet at IEP sessions, the team frequently discounts or ignores parental input and opinions, as if parents are unaware of the student's needs.

Attorneys present at an IEP meeting can help guarantee that the IEP team hears what you want and your child needs.

Investing in students is well worth it

How much does it cost a student to be unable to read or graduate from high school? The cost is considerably higher than what it would cost to retain legal counsel today.

These meetings appear harmless, but they affect the lives of tens of thousands of kids every year.

Increasing the chances of your child succeeding in school is a top priority. Hiring a lawyer can increase your child’s chances of doing well academically.

If you want an IEP that’ll help your child do well in school, things must done as they should at IEP meetings. Contact me to get help today.



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