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Student Spotlight: James Cochran*

Recently, Wake County leaders and Attorney General Josh Stein convened a Town Hall Meeting to discuss challenges that social media poses to schools and students. Specifically, there is a push to take student's phones during the day to "curb social media addiction."

James Cochran, a freshman at Athens Drive High School in Raleigh, participated in the event. He offered realistic insight when he said, "taking away cell phones during the day could help some students academically, but it wouldn't resolve teens' problems with social media use because they can also access social media at night, on weekends, and all summer long."

James also asked tough questions. Specifically, he asked AG Stein, "how can we change the algorithms in the future to give kinds what they want, give kids what they need, but also make it more effective so a kid can use these types of technology without having to worry about seeing something about them posted online?" AG Stein opined that it is up to social media companies, like Meta (the owner of Facebook and Instagram), to protect young people by changing their algorithms.

Other very important topics were discussed at the town hall including North Carolina's public schools not meeting the nationally recommended ratio of school counselor, school psychologists, school social workers and school nurses.

We are so proud of James, and look forward to seeing the impact he will make on our community in the future!

*Disclaimer: This student spotlight was shared with the express authorization of James' parent or guardian.



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