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Celebrating 5 Years of Proud Service to Our North Carolina Communities

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We Protect the Civil Rights and Liberties

of North Carolina's Children and Students

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An attorney with knowledge, experience, and passion!! -S.M.

Neubia Harris not only has the drive to win a case in your favor, but she is also someone with great passion who is genuinely concerned about you as an individual and your rights. -M.W.

Neubia Harris has such compassion for others. She has a heart for families and delivering value. - C.B.

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Welcome to The Law Office of  Neubia L. Harris, PLLC

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC is committed to protecting the civil rights and liberties of every child and student in North Carolina.  Our education lawyer zealously advocates to ensure that K-12 students receive a sound basic education free from bullying, discrimination and excessive discipline.  The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC works diligently to uphold the civil rights and liberties of college students.  We also protects the civil rights and liberties of teachers, professors, faculty and staff in all levels of educational institutions.

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC supports the dismantling of the school-to-prison pipeline. We understand that children of color, children with disabilities, and other marginalized youth are overrepresented in the juvenile criminal justice system. We believe in a holistic approach to keeping juveniles out of the prison system while supporting positive life choices and decision-making. Our juvenile justice lawyer is passionate about ensuring everyone, students and professionals alike, are protected in our educational and juvenile justice systems.

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC assists families of children with disabilities apply for and obtain Social Security benefits. 

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC also represents the citizens and residents of Wake County in a variety of civil litigation matters. 



Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients with cost-effective superior legal representation in the areas of education law, civil litigation and business.

Vision Statement

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC believes that the citizens of North Carolina, regardless of their income, should have equal access to the judicial system in civil matters that affect human and civil rights.   

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