School Accommodations

Accommodations are changes to the way instruction is delivered to remove barriers and provide a student with equal access to learning.  Accommodations do not change what a student is learning; rather, accommodations change how a student is learning.  For example, a student with a hearing impairment may benefit from an accommodation permitting the use of an FM system, which amplifies the instructors voice while minimizing the ambient sounds, in the classroom.  K-12 students can receive accommodations through an IEP, or Section 504 Plan.

College students also have access to accommodations.  A college student with a disability that requires accommodations to access their curriculum should contact their institution’s Office of Disability Services for more information about securing accommodations. 

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC can assist both K-12, and college students with securing and enforcing the application of appropriate accommodations. 

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