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COVID 19: College - nontraditional has become new normal

Many students were abruptly disrupted from their higher education pursuits once COVID-19 ravaged the county, and the world. Students who were studying abroad were suddenly called home; many having to bear the expense of booking last minute flights before none were available. Meanwhile, other students were told to come pick up their belongings from school without a clear plan of if/when they could return. Perhaps the most challenging impact of the pandemic was that students who choose a traditional college path - that is to attend classes in brick and mortar buildings, were suddenly thrust into online learning. While many colleges plan on opening in the fall, higher education, at least for the immediate future, is likely to look very different. NPR Columnist Elisa Nadworny explained how some universities and colleges may switch to an entirely virtual instruction, while others may mix in-person and online learning. Nadworny posits that some institutions will delay opening their doors for weeks, months, or perhaps even an entire semester. Whatever happens in the fall, one thing is apparent, colleges and universities are moving, voluntarily or otherwise, to a nontraditional approach to education. Time will tell if this shift will be a permanent state of affairs.


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