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Start of New School Year: Get Your Child and His or Her IEP Off to the Right Start

It's the start of a new school year, and your child will enter a new grade. How can you get your child and his or her IEP off to a great start? Here's what to do:

Know your child's teachers

Teachers move between grade levels, and some switch schools. Earning promotion to the next grade, your child will probably have new teachers too.

Make sure to know the names of all your child's teachers. It will also be helpful to let the teachers know how your child got off to the right start in the previous school years.

Give them a copy of the IEP

Your child's special education teacher and general education teacher need to be aware of your child's needs. Meet with and give each of your child's teachers a copy of the IEP.

Go over the accommodations and modifications with the teachers to be sure they understand what your child needs to succeed.

Ask providers to keep you informed

In addition to a regular report card that all children get, you'll receive a separate progress report at least every quarter that lets you know how well your child is doing. Aside from the progress report, inform the providers to contact you as soon as any issue surfaces.

Schedule a check-in meeting

Set up a check-in meeting with your child's teachers and/or plan administrator early in the school year.

Discuss your child's strengths, weaknesses, and gifts during the meeting. The meeting is also a great time to build rapport with the providers and set the tone for a successful school year.

Help your child learn how to speak up

While you're your child's chief advocate, you won't be in the classroom with them. So it's important they know how to advocate for themselves successfully.

After going over their strengths, challenges, and needs as contained in the IEP, let them know it's not wrong or shameful to speak up. Then practice doing it with them.

As your seasoned NC special education lawyer, my job is to help you understand you and your child's rights. We can work together to ensure your child gets the best education possible. Let's make it a reality. Contact me today.



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