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Is My Child Being Bullied at School? Tips For Parents

School kids have been dealing with bullies and bullying for many decades. It's an unfortunate trend in our society that has taken on new, worse forms in cyberbullying.

As a parent, you might not have the power to prevent bullying, but you can take certain steps to protect your child. It begins with knowing when they're being bullied.

How do I know when my child is being bullied?

  • Mood changes, missing personal items, or coming home with torn clothes or damaged school items.

  • Your child's reaction when you ask questions about their friends may indicate a sign of bullying or isolation.

  • Your child suddenly loses interest in food or things they previously loved doing.

  • Reluctant to go to school.

  • A dramatic change in your child's esteem, especially if they always come home sad or even ask some strange questions.

  • Other signs include; change in interest, self-harm, bad grades, self-isolation, anxiety, and appearing moody or sad.

Tips for Parents

Here are some tips for parents to adhere to when handling kids they suspect of being victims of bullying:

Don’t overreact

As parents, you should learn not to overreact as this can frighten your child even more. You can help your kids by following these tips:

Be a safe space

To make your kids talk to you, you have to be welcoming. Make them understand that you would not judge them or make them feel guilty. Be their support system, and talk to the school administrators so they can take action immediately.

Keep records

Ensure to keep records of these exchanges with your child, noting all the instances of the bullying occurrences.

Contact the school authorities

After getting all the facts, the next step is to take relevant action by contacting your child's teacher and other school officials. You can also meet with the school's guidance counselor to discuss the matter and file a complaint with the school.

What if the bullying continues?

After you've exhausted all options to no effect, the next thing to do is to take legal action.

A good solution is to reach out to an education lawyer to help you. This should be as a last resort, and only after you have tried all the options recommended in the tips above, to no avail.

An experienced education attorney, like Neubia Harris, understands North Carolina’s anti-bullying laws and can take necessary actions to ensure your child’s school complies with these laws.

We know bullying can affect your child’s performance at school and impact their emotional and physical health. The law firm of Neubia L. Harris stands ready to protect your child and help you navigate this situation. Get help now.


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