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Candidate Recommendation

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a Candidates Forum sponsored by the Capital City Lawyers Association. One particular candidate stood out as someone who is invested in the success and support of not only Wake County Students, but Wake County teachers and administrators as well.

Candidate: Heather Scott

Office: Wake County Board of Education District 1

Why recommended: Ms. Scott is a former Music Teacher in a Wake County Public Charter School. She spoke honestly about knowing how it feels to be unsure of whether your job will still exist when you return in the Fall, especially when you teach the fine arts. Ms. Scott explained her intimate knowledge of the challenges disabled students face in school without the appropriate support. Her teaching experience within Wake County combined with her personal experiences with her own child, make her the ideal candidate for the school board. Ms. Scott represents my district. I am honored to cast my vote for her in November!



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