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Manifest Determination Review

What is an MDR?

A Manifestation Determination Review (“MDR”) is a special meeting of a student’s IEP team that is required when a student is facing suspension from school for more than 10 school days. In an MDR meeting, the IEP team determines whether the behavior leading to the suspension is related to the student’s disability. The law protects students with disabilities from being suspended for extended periods if the misbehavior resulting in suspension is a “manifestation” of the student’s disability.

Can a student receive an MDR for a short-term suspension?

If a student is facing a short-term suspension, which when added to previous short-term suspensions will add up to more than 10 days of suspension in that school year, then an MDR must be scheduled. The MDR should be held before the 10th day of suspension, counting the previous suspensions

The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC represents parents/students in MDR meetings.

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