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Educational Options

What are my options concerning my child's education?

There are several educational options available for North Carolina's students.  Parents and surrogate parents can choose from traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies and homeschool.  

I am exploring other educational options because the school did not educate and/or accommodate my disabled child.  What are my options?

In some cases, parents of students with disabilities may file a legal action against a school district and seek tuition reimbursement for their child's enrollment in a non-public school.  In order to be successful in this action, parents have to prove that the services offered by their child's school was inadequate and/or inappropriate, that the services the parents obtained at the non-public school were appropriate, and that there are equitable considerations to the parents' action.  This process is procedurally nuanced and certain steps must be taken before your child is withdrawn from public school.   We can help you ensure you are complying with the applicable laws and policies.

Can I home school my child?

There are some legal requirements that a parent/surrogate parent must meet in order to be eligible to homeschool their child. We can help you ensure you are meeting all of the requirements and assist with establishing your homeschool.

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