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Consumer Law

Who is a Consumer?

A consumer is someone who purchases goods or services from a buyer, which can be a manufacturer, retailer, or even another person. 


What is Consumer Law?

Consumer law is a legal practice that seeks to create a more equitable balance for buyers by preventing sellers from using dishonest tactics.  There are both state and federal laws that protect the consumers of North Carolina. These laws can cover areas like false advertisement, the safety of products being sold, the ability of products to be used for their ordinary purpose, regulation of debt collection practices and more. 


The Law Office of Neubia L. Harris, PLLC can assist with the following consumer law practice areas:

  • Contract Disputes 

  • Debt Buyer Scams

  • Debt Defense

  • Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

  • Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices 


Complete our Consumer Intake Form to learn how our office can assist you with your consumer law matter. 

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