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How Long Is an IEP Good for in North Carolina?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Parents usually have several questions about the IEP, including whether the IEP is a legal document, how they can encourage their children in their education, and if they can bring a lawyer to an IEP meeting.

Another common question we often field here at Neubia Harris is how long an IEP is good for.

How long is an IEP good for in North Carolina?

An IEP is good for one calendar year with the start and end dates listed on the IEP.

The IEP team, which includes you, will meet to review it and create a new one before the end date. This way, your child always has an IEP in place. The one-year duration isn’t rigid, though.

You can bring up pressing concerns and ask for changes to be made to the IEP at any time if, for example, you feel the IEP doesn’t accurately reflect your child’s needs and strengths. You can escalate the matter and involve an education attorney if your complaint yield no positive result.

And sometimes, IEP review meetings are held past the end date. When such happens, the existing IEP remains in effect until a new one is developed.

Is the annual review the same as a reevaluation?

The annual review is not the same as a reevaluation.

A reevaluation is done at least once every three years to determine whether your child still qualifies for special education services.

Members of the IEP team, including you, can also request a reevaluation before the three-year deadline if there are concerns.

Need to speak to an education lawyer about your child’s IEP or have some general questions about IEP? Speak with me today!



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