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PLLC Formation

Professional Limited Liability Company Creation 


If you are a licensed professional* in the state of North Carolina who desires to open their own business, you have the option of structuring your business as a Professional Limited Liability Company ("PLLC").  Like a Limited Liability Company ("LLC"), a PLLC is created by filing Articles of Organization.  However, unlike LLCs, most professionals have to comply with additional requirements from their licensing board.  The tax advantages and limited liability characteristics make PLLCs an attractive option for entrepreneurial professionals.  Our office can assist you in creating your PLLC, complying with the requirements of the North Carolina Secretary of State, and complying with the requirements of your licensing body.    

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*Licensed professionals include, but are not limited to, architects, attorneys, clinical social workers, engineers, medical doctors, occupational therapists, and professional counselors. 

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